How do cartons mould?

2017/8/12 10:08:35

How to mold the carton mildew? Many manufacturers have found us that the cartons are moldy and ask us what we can do to help with them:

Moldy reason analysis:

There are several reasons, the first is the corrugated carton mould; single and double, three layers carton is generally porous structure, the structure is particularly easy to absorb moisture, so our cartons each feels particularly wet, when the humidity is greater than 12% is very easy to mildew.

Solving method:

How to solve the problem: we need to reduce product moisture, such as in the warehouse storage places to install dehumidifiers, ensure that the air humidity is lower than 75%, with the oven, the carton production when everyone had a lower oven paper humidity.

Carton production process very white latex glue we use a lot of paper, but the white latex is a kind of special easy to mold products, contain a lot of protein in white latex, the nutrients are mold love to eat the food, if the appropriate temperature is particularly easy to mildew.

How to solve:

White latex is indeed very easy to estimate the moldy, as we all know, so we can add a special glue glue to prevent mildew in it not moldy, mildewcide glue is a colorless transparent liquid, not only has no toxicity, and can be dissolved in the glue, glue the protective effect.

Before the glue (PS: why not easy to mold because there is a lot of containing harmful substances, such as DMF, formaldehyde, harmful organic compounds, although these things are toxic, but there is a very good mildewproof effect, but in recent years the country's strict regulations can not contain harmful substances, so we glue more easily moldy).

Why is the carton of the warehouse so susceptible to mildew?

The warehouse is a bacterial culture box, a lot of things are from the beginning of the musty warehouse, so a big warehouse do simple and efficient, we know that fungus has ability to spread a hundred, hundred thousand pass, not a bad mouse droppings a pot of soup.

How to solve the warehouse as a bacterial culture box, warehouse stuff and not push, if the ventilation is particularly easy to moldy, so our warehouse is the best classification stored separately, products cannot be placed directly on the ground, need to use pallets or shelf stacking, isolation, products can not be piled up in the wall, the wall is easy damp moldy, our products and the wall is best kept at a distance of 20cm.

Warehouse need regular disinfection, will inevitably slip in some bacteria in the warehouse, so we regularly sprayed mildew proof antibacterial agent, and then closed for 24 hours in space. Let it naturally closed sterilization, and then open the warehouse ventilation, we will add to the water. Drag mildew, ground dead mildew removal clean and sterilization of bacteria to the ground.

Mildew do these steps, our board is not easy to mildew, and if the use of mildew proof products, we can guarantee that the product to the hands of customers, absolutely not moldy.

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