The importance of adding antiseptic glue

2017/8/12 9:22:46

The glue often used for shoes, cloth and other joints, of course will not dry glue because caused by moldy situation is very common, often because of work, or not fit after the complete drying, cooling, so as to provide the necessary nutrients for the growth of fungi, such as starch, protein, water, air, these is a necessary condition for mold growth. This leads to mildew on the vamp, and affects the overall effect of the shoes, causing moldy shoes and customer claims, which are often lost. The same reason, in some places the bags, hand bags also have a lot of attaching position, these are also common joints, if not careful, will be because of this post where the whole bag of moldy appearance is affected, would cause a great loss, but also affect the credibility of the.

Glue joint place, often need to attach great importance to, not only to ensure the quality, but also to see the beautiful, these are the need to continue to pay attention to. In the fitting, use the add special antiseptic glue, it can effectively mildew, achieve good effect. Add preservatives in glue, is a worthy of consideration, especially in a shoe factory, bag factory mold measures considered.

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